– Canowindra Oakley (P)

Canowindra Oakley (P)

Canowindra Oakley (P) was purchased in 2016 for $32 500. At only 20 months of age Oakley weighed 900kg with an EMA of 132cm2, 10 & 6 fat measurements and 40cm scrotum. Oakley has a near perfect sheath and navel, good bone and structure and high growth and weight gain. We found him very hard to fault.

As well as these attributes Oakley has genetics that are totally unrelated to anything that we have in our stud.   We anticipate Oakley will grow into a larger type poll bull and we look forward to his first calves.

– Dangarfield Thunder


Dangarfield Thunder

Purchased in 2011 for $30 000. Thunder is sired by Dangarfield Quarterback, one of Dangarfield’s leading sires. Thunder was purchased for his great temperament, bone and muscle with one of the best hindquarters in the business. Thunder has exceptional doing ability and is a very efficient converter. In 2014 we will have the first offering of Thunder’s sons.

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– Triple S Keg

Triple S Keg

Triple S Keg was retained in 2015 as a replacement for his sire Dangarfield Thunder. At 21 months of age he weighed 946kg, had an EMA of 142cm2 and was 40cm in the scrotum. He has plenty of loose skin, tidy sheath and navel and a perfect temperament. In 2015 Keg was mated to a selection of Triple S stud cows and first calf heifers. We already have calves on the ground and we are very impressed with them with their look and they are born with a low birth weight which is a feature of Thunder and his son’s progeny.

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– Yarrawonga Dividend J494 (P)

Yarrawonga Dividend J494 (P)

Yarrawonga Dividend is a bull that we are expecting big things out of. We purchased him for $36 000 at the 2014 Yarrawonga Sale and in our opinion he was the best bull sold on the day.

Dividend was 1004 kg on sale day at 26 mths with a weight gain of 1.3 and EMA of 130 cm2. He also had high semen morphology of 84%. Ticking all the boxes, Dividend has scale, excellent bone and muscle with great breed character along with an impeccable temperament. We have used Dividend throughout our Triple S stud cow herd and have mated him with a supreme draft of Dangarfield Thunder’s daughters which we believe will produce some exceptional progeny.

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– Yarrawonga Eachway K60 (P)

Yarrawonga Eachway K60 (P)

Yarrawonga Eachway (P) was purchased at the 2015 Yarrawonga/Waco sale for $44 000. On sale day he weighed 904kg, EMA of 128cm2 and 39 scrotum. Eachway’s half brother is the $90 000 record breaking bull Yarrawonga El Salvador (P) and their sire is the highly regarded Yarrawonga Avenger (PS). Eachway worked only one season before sustaining a back injury from which he was unable to recover.

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Future Sire – Triple S Nightmoves N58 (P)


Triple S Nightmoves N58 (P)

Nightmoves is an exceptional poll son of Yarrawonga Dividend that we have retained to use in our Stud.  At 22 months Nightmoves weighed 900kg, fat scans of 12/8, EMA 132 and 41cm scrotal measurement.

Future Sires – Triple S Negotiator N60


Triple S Negotiator N60

Negotiator is son of Yarrawonga Dividend and was retained for his scale, loose skin, softness and depth of hindquarter.  At 24 months Negotiator weighed 952kg with fat scans of 12/8, EMA 130, 42cm Scrotal measurement.

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