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Tyler, Jason, Kylie, Ella & Bridie and Marie & Bert Bruggemann

Tyler, Jason, Kylie, Ella & Bridie and Marie & Bert Bruggemann

Triple S stud was established in 2008 by the Bruggemann family and is based at “Wongalea” ,26 kms north of  Taroom Qld.

We have been breeding Santas since 1994 when we commenced with purebred Santas from Eidsvold Station and Lake Nash in the NT. Up until 2008 our herd was entirely commercially operated until forming the stud. Our main commercial focus was growth, moderate to large frame, weight gain, fertility and temperament.

Our herd today consists of 400 purebred santa cows of which 200 stud cows have been graded up from the base. All these cows are run on improved Brigalow country at the rate of one beast to 7 or 8 acres and are put under nutritional stresses virtually every year. The cows are control mated and must preg test in calf every year or be culled as has been the case for the last 20 years. Sires used in the breeding herd include:-  Dangarfield Thunder $30 000, Yarrawonga Dividend (P) $36 000, Yarrawonga Eachway (P) $44 000 and Canowindra Oakley (P) $32 000.  As well as these sires we are using a number of our own Triple S bred Sires which are as good as or better than their own sires.

Our aims for the stud are virtually unchanged since we started commercially 20 years ago. We aim to breed bulls with weight gain, bone, muscle with fat cover, structural correctness, good temperament and high fertility and enough frame to maintain size in most people’s cow herds. Breed character is very important to us and we aim to maintain loose skin and tropical content. Some importance is placed on breeding polls although it is not our primary goal. Above all else we aim to breed bulls that produce more beef, more efficiently, allowing people to improve their bottom line.

Triple S sell bulls at The Western Downs Santa Sale held at the Dalby Saleyards. All sale bulls sold are semen and morphology tested, muscle and fat scanned and have been vaccinated twice with 7 in 1, Vibrio and 3 day. Sale bulls are all blooded for ticks and tested for Pesti-virus and are from a BJD free herd.

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